Willow Cuttings


Cuttings of the following willow varieties are available for purchase:

salix triandra ‘Black Maul’

Grows 5-8 ft. Common British basket willow, pliable brown rods, great for peeling. Arguably the No 1 basket willow

salix viminalis ‘Gigantea’

Grows 6-10 ft. Yellow/ red stout rods, ideal for bottom sticks and large items. Great for garden sculptures and living willow structures.

salix purpurea ‘Green Dicks’

Grows 5-7 ft. Olive green, productive and great for small to medium baskets. A reliable and robust willow.

Salix purpurea ‘Nana’

Grows 2-5 ft. Very fine rods, suitable for miniature baskets.

We are taking orders now for cuttings

Delivery mid July to September 2019

Price $1 per cutting
+ postage and packaging

Minimum order 50